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Oakland Pharmacy Errors Lawyer

Pharmacists and Medical Malpractice

According to a study by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) almost half of people throughout the U.S. take at least one prescription drug, with approximately one-sixth taking three or more medications. When you consider the vast amount of prescriptions that are filled every year by pharmacies throughout the nation, it is easy to see why pharmacy errors are an important issue to address in regard to medical malpractice.

Did you recently visit an Oakland pharmacy and came away with the wrong prescription? Have you or someone you love been injured because of an error or mistake on the part of a pharmacy or pharmacist? You may have the right to take legal action in this situation to hold the pharmacy responsible. To talk about your specific options, contact an Oakland pharmacy errors lawyer at our law offices today. There is no charge for your initial consultation, and we take on all types of pharmacy error claims and lawsuits, including those that involve prescription drug errors, medication errors, and any type of medical negligence or malpractice.

Types of Pharmacy Errors in Oakland

There are different types of Oakland pharmacy errors that a patient may be subjected to. For example:

  • The pharmacist may accidentally pick up the wrong medication and fill a prescription with the wrong drug.
  • The prescription may be filled with the right drug but in the wrong dosage amount.
  • The pharmacist may be unable to read the doctor's handwriting that wrote the prescription and may think that it says something it does not.
  • Drugs with similar names or labels may be mixed up, meaning that the pharmacy gives a patient the wrong medication.

Make sure you take action to hold the pharmacy responsible for your injuries. Contact an Oakland pharmacy malpractice attorney at our firm today!