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Oakland Nursing Malpractice Attorney

Nursing Errors and Malpractice

Although many may attribute medical malpractice to doctors and hospitals, it may be committed by nurses as well. Today, nurses are playing a more and more important role in medical facilities throughout Oakland. A nurse may be responsible for different aspects of patient care; including carrying out the instructions of the attending physician, monitoring the patient for changes, tending to the patient's needs, and in general acting as an advocate for the patient's rights and concerns. If a nurse makes a mistake or is negligent in any way, he or she may be held accountable. Most often a nursing malpractice claim will be filed against the hospital or other facility where the nurse works, unless the nurse is an independent contractor, although that would be rare.

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How an Oakland Nurse May Commit Medical Malpractice

It is possible that an Oakland nurse may commit medical malpractice in different ways. In any aspect of patient care, a single mistake or error may lead to serious injury or even the wrongful death of a patient. As an example, a nurse may accidentally pick up the wrong medication and administer it to a patient. A nurse may not see that a patient is reacting negatively to some form of treatment administered or may otherwise neglect a patient's needs. In these or any similar situations, the injured patient may be able to take legal action to seek justice and financial compensation for what he or she has endured. 

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