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Oakland Medication Errors Attorney

Did a medication error cause you or someone you love to be injured in some way? Our law firm may be able to help. By contacting an Oakland medication errors attorney at Pacific Attorney Group, you can undergo a free case evaluation to discuss your legal rights and options.

A patient may suffer injury from a medication error if the wrong medication is prescribed or administered or if the right medication is given but in the wrong dosage amount. Administering or prescribing a medication to which the patient has a known allergy or which will react violently to a current medication the patient is taking may also constitute a medication error. Medication errors are a form of medical malpractice that may seriously affect a patient, leading to serious injury or even wrongful death in some cases.

Why Medication Errors Occur

A medication error may be committed by a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or other health care professional involved with the prescribing or administering of medicine. Properly handled, medication can and does save countless lives every day. It also provides patients relief from pain and works to treat all types of medical conditions, prevent infection and more. Unfortunately, when medication is not properly used the results may be catastrophic. It is the responsibility of the medical professionals dealing with medication to ensure it is properly used, and any deviation from this may be grounds for a medical malpractice claim against the responsible party.

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The misdiagnosis of a medical condition, a mistake or any type of negligence may lead to a medication error in an Oakland hospital, pharmacy or medical facility. To get to the bottom of your particular case and find out what can be done to assert your rights as a patient, contact an Oakland medical malpractice lawyer at our law offices today. We're here to help!