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Doctor Errors in Oakland

Oakland Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A doctor error may cause serious patient injury, depending on the case. By definition, a doctor error may include any mistake or unintentional act taken by a doctor that results in substandard care and injury to the patient. This may be grounds for an Oakland medical malpractice claim.

Determining whether you have a valid medical malpractice suit is an important step to take if you are to take legal action and seek financial compensation for your injuries. An Oakland doctor error attorney at our law firm can assist you in this by offering a free consultation to talk about your case and what can be done to hold the responsible doctor accountable for his or her errors or other failure to provide standard medical care to you or someone you love. Because these cases may be technical in nature and may require the testimony of a medical expert, we often work with professionals in medicine and other fields to build our clients' cases and assist them in resolving these matters.

Types of Doctor Errors

An Oakland doctor may commit various different types of errors or mistakes at virtually any point in medical treatment or follow-up care. For example:

  • A doctor may forget to review a patient's medical history and may therefore prescribe a medication to which the patient has a known allergy.
  • An overworked doctor may not take the time to order additional tests when diagnosing a medical condition, resulting in a misdiagnosis.
  • During childbirth, a doctor may delay in ordering a c-section, causing a baby to suffer serious birth injury.
  • A doctor may accidentally order the wrong course of treatment for a patient.
  • A doctor may misread a test result, meaning that he or she misdiagnoses or fails to diagnose a patient's condition.

To learn more about doctor errors and how an Oakland medical malpractice lawyer can help you, contact us today! Your initial consultation is free and always confidential.